NEXT AUCTION - Spring 2018

Currently taking positions for advertising

in our Full Color Event Catalog


Print Page Size                                              Dimensions

Business Card (No Bleeds or Verticals)                   3.75 wide x 2.375 tall         

Quarter Page (No Bleeds)                               3.50 wide x 4.75 tall

Half Page (No Bleeds)                                        7.50 wide x 4.75 tall

Full Page Trim Size (add .125 on all four sides for bleed)    8.375 wide x 10.875 tall

Two Page Spread (add .125 on all four sides for bleed & allow .25 for crossover)                 16.75 wide x 10.875 tall    

Premium Pages

Inside Front Cover                                                         $1,500

Inside Back Cover                                                          $1,200

Back Cover                                                                     $2,000

Page 1                                                                             $1,100

Page 2                                                                             $1,000  

Page 3                                                                             $1,000

Business Cards * Limited Number                                   $200

Quarter Page                                                                     $400

Half Page                                                                          $550

Full Page                                                                           $850


Any file submitted MUST be named with the advertisers name… PLEASE do not name your file as the publication name
Any items not intended to bleed must be ¼ inch from edge of trim
All fonts must be embedded or outlined
Files are accepted only as CMYK with a minimum resolution of 300 dpi
All ads are subject to content approval
Publication is printed on a full web press with gloss text
Printing schedule does not allow time for hard-copy hi-res color proofs to be reviewed by advertisers. It is strongly recommended that you review a hi-res proof before submitting your file.
Full copies of catalog will be given to half page and above advertisers. All others will be given tear sheets for proof of advertising. Catalog copies can be purchased for a discounted price.
Files must be submitted as a press ready PDF or JPEG File – only digital files accepted
Muscle Car Madness and Huisman Auctions, Inc. are not responsible for any errors due to improper file submission

Please zip all files before sending. We will confirm receipt of your ad. If you do not receive confirmation within 24 hours, we did not receive your ad.